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Welcome to the Fredericksburg Independent Soccer Club!

FISC is fully dedicated to individual skills development at the highest level as well as team/tactical for all players within the organization. This starts with our professional youth training staff and will go through our proven college preparation program designed to help players that are interested in playing soccer in college.

As we transition to the Fredericksburg Independent Soccer Club, we strive to maintain the high level training you have always expected from our fine coaching staff.  We are offering unique opportunities for individual players as well as teams that want to come into our program as we transition into our unique independent club model.   Take a look at our initial programs and look for additional specialized training and team opportunities that we will be adding in the near future.

If you have any questions about our program, feel free to contact Pete Cinalli here 

Do you have a soccer team that would like to play in Travel and/or Classic Level Tournaments?

With FISC you can come into our Travel Soccer Club as a team (stay together and add players at your discretion) and be eligible to play in Travel and/or Classic level soccer tournaments all over the country!  FISC allows the team/coach to operate independently with all the benefits of being in a travel club.  We register all players through US Club Soccer which will allow your team to register for tournaments everywhere (local, regional, national).  The best part is that you can choose whatever events you want to go to – the club does not make the decision for you.  We will certainly help with the process, but ultimately the decision will be up to the team/coach/parents.   Your team can come from anywhere…an existing team from any organization or if you want to form a new team.

CLICK HERE for requirements / cost per player and benefits

Exciting NEW Professional Training Programs - Register today!

We are offering Specialized Professional Training for any athlete that wants to take their game to the next level!  These training programs are OPEN TO EVERYONE!  No matter what team, club, organization, program, etc. you are associated with.  The focus is high-level individual training!  Click on the links below for the exciting details, trainer bios, cost and registration information.

Speed & Agility Training: Training Focus: Speed, flexibility, strength, range of motion, and to help the athlete reach their full potential!  CLICK HERE for details.

Professional Goalkeeper Training: Focus: Technical, Tactical, Psychological and Physical development - specific to the GK!  CLICK HERE for details


Please check back and MORE exciting specialize training programs will be added!

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