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Fredericksburg Indpendent Soccer Club

FISC Program Details

Who are we?

FISC is a unique program that provides an opportunity for soccer teams to play in tournaments and/or various travel soccer leagues.  What makes it unique is that teams can join the program as a “team”, stay together, and enjoy all the benefits of playing in travel or classic level leagues and tournaments.  As part of our club, your team is independent to choose the tournaments, training dates/time, etc. you want to participate in.  We provide quality training fields, US Club Soccer player cards as well as a tournament allowance for each team to use to register in whatever events they choose to.  We also offer a variety of optional/supplemental professional training programs for players interested in additional individual and/or group training.

Your team can come into the club intact and play in tournaments of your choice!

CLICK HERE for requirements / cost per player and benefits

NOTE: Tournament Allowance is the amount that FISC provides to your FISC team to register and play in the tournament(s) of your choice. Your team has this much to spend on tournaments for the season (fall or spring). Your team can choose to play in more tournaments if you use all of your allotted allowance, however, this is an additional cost to the team.